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Importance of Imbibing Soft Skills in Children from a Tender Age

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Pub. Date : March, 2022
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Author Name :Manishankar Chakraborty
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Soft skills form the backbone of professional and personal success and are being given due importance now. However, for them to be cultivated appropriately, children must practice them quite early, so that the actual significance of soft skills can be understood at a young age. This would help them to develop the right blend of hard and soft skills, making them more mature in every sphere of life quite early. The paper presents a case of how parents can use simple tools to develop soft skills in their children while tracking their developmental activities throughout the career development sojourn.


Soft skills play an important role in the holistic development of a person. It is important to imbibe soft skills from a very young age so that children can understand the transformation happening as they move up the career ladder. Studies have highlighted the importance of a broad set of soft skills essential for children, along with other competencies, behaviors, attitudes, personal qualities that will allow them to effectively navigate in their work environment, develop interpersonal skills, improve their performance, and finally achieve career goals. The report released by Laura H Lippman and colleagues revealed that it is pivotal to prepare a child with the essentials from a tender age (Inquirer, 2015). These skills play a significant role during employment and while the child grows up into an adult who can take rational decisions (Douglas Tynan, 2015). The modern world is full of challenges and the kids need to know the tricks of finding their way to the opportunities based on the right mix of soft and hard skills. Hard skills are ingrained while a pupil is pursuing academic programs and during the time spent in school. Soft skills, on the other hand, with a focused approach only start at the later stage of life, unless one is fortunate to study in a finishing school or had well-informed parents. Soft skills at times are also referred to as people skills or non-cognitive skills or even emotional intelligence, which are crucial for the professional and personal success of an individual, and therefore, imbibing them at an early age