Importance of Presentation
The Importance of Presentation Skills for Employability

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Pub. Date : March, 2022
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Author Name : Vinay Kumar Pandey, Rashika Shukla and Sneha Pandey
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The ability to communicate effectively to a person or a crowd is known as presentation skills, which provide the essential tools for implementing change, collaborating effectively, presenting information at professional meetings, or communicating in the corporate or educational arena. However, many recent graduates are not found to be equipped with these particular skills. They are a part of the soft skills that are deemed essential for job seekers today. Presentations necessitate a thorough understanding of the topic, strategic planning, awareness of the audience, a strong grasp of voice modulation, adequate knowledge of nonverbal functions, time management, mastery of communication, active listening, and good reading habits. This paper assists students and entry-level employees in comprehending self-evaluation, facts, fear of public speaking, presentation structure, body language, verbal delivery, personal appearance, and common mistakes to avoid during presentations.


Most businesses consider communication skills to be one of their most important concerns, and presentation skills form an important part of that. From meetings, interviews, and conferences to trade exhibits and job fairs, presentation skills are essential in practically every facet of academic and corporate life (Dolan, 2017). Professional abilities are, in fact, a collection of advanced communication abilities. Presentation skills are critical in communication because they allow you to communicate information and expertise more effectively and efficiently (Mehta and Mehta, 2019). Presenting information clearly and effectively is a critical ability for getting a message or point across, and it is now necessary for practically every sector. Presentation and public speaking abilities are beneficial in many avenues of work and life, including business, sales, training, teaching, and lecturing, as well as other social circumstances (Swathi, 2015).