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Microcontroller-Based Detector and Monitoring System for Overspeeding Vehicles for Traffic Management Unit: A Prototype

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
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Author Name : Sahawi S Malik
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The study aims to develop a monitoring system for overspeeding vehicles, as a number of road accidents are caused due to overspeeding. The circular research method diagram has sequential processes such as conducting and analyzing requirements. This prototype model system has two parts: hardware and software integration, including the construction, test and evaluation system. The study provides learning theories, hardware skills of microcontroller, MySQL server, GPS and GSM, and software skills integration such VB.Net, Windows 7, Google map application and SMS notification. The prototype model will be helpful in traffic management and in reducing the number of accidents.


In this modern age, as vehicles provide real-time and location verification, many devices and technologies have been used to provide road safety and correspondingly reduce speeding and traffic conditions.

Overspeeding is a condition in which an engine is allowed or forced to turn beyond its design limit. The consequences of running an engine too fast vary by engine type and model and depend upon several factors; among them are the duration of the overspeed and the speed it attained.

With some engines, even momentary overspeed can result in greatly reduced engine life or even catastrophic failure. The speed of an engine is ordinarily measured in Revolution Per Minute (RPM).


Automatic, Phase selector, Power failure, Critical load

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