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E-Readiness Dimensions for a Consolidated Strategic E-Governance Implementation: The MDA Perspective

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
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Author Name : Paschal U Chinedu, Wilson Nwankwo and Etebong B Isong
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Subject/Domain : Management
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E-Governance is an evolving paradigm intended to modernize the public sector by engendering transparency, accountability and good governance. Notably, some countries, including South Korea, USA, Singapore and Canada, have recorded appreciable milestones. In developing countries, the experience is quite different. This paper dwells on the e-readiness of e-governance as an economic and human development engine for effective governance in the 21st century and beyond. This paper articulates some crucial organizational strategies and e-readiness dimensions that would provide vital knowledge and direction towards consolidating e-governance implementation in Nigeria across the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). A survey approach was adopted to evaluate the MDAs and their e-governance strategies as in the first quarter of 2020 vis-a-vis the National e-Governance Master Plan (NeGMP). A gap analysis was conducted on the level of the MDAs' preparedness in implementing the NeGMP. The e-readiness evaluation results showed some gray areas that need strategic and tactical attention. With these findings, the decision makers in the e-governance project can direct efforts to areas where external support is anticipated. The study further elucidated the various measurable pillars, criteria, performance indices and apt theoretical submission to guide the implementation of e-governance plan across the MDAs.


Every aspect of the society is undergoing radical transformation following the continuous evolution of sophisticated Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). From e-business to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT) and Analytics, the ICT ecosystem is gradually emerging saturated with innovations that have critical implications for the strategic management of every business regardless its profit orientation (Chinedu, 2015). The role of ICTs in governance can no longer be overemphasized as developing economies such as Nigeria where the contribution of the ICT subsector was insignificant a decade ago is witnessing tremendous growth in the sector. For instance, according to the National Bureau


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