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Design Optimization of Snap Fit Feature of Lock Plate to Reduce Its Installation Force Using DoE Methodology

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Pub. Date : May, 2020
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Author Name : Hrishikesh S Kakade, F B Sayyad, Vinod G Patil
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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Snap fit joints are widely used in industry for assembling different parts. Snap fits are the simplest, quickest and most effective joints, provided they are designed with the requisite dimensions and parameters. In the present study, many parameters affecting the assembly process of snap fit joints are studied. For this purpose, we have used the Design of Experiments (DoE) method, which has provided the statistical approach and led to a reliable and significant interpretation of different parameters of snap fit joint responsible for high installation force in the assembly process. The design modifications of snap fit joint have been carried out by identifying and establishing the relation between the parameters. The modified design of snap fit joint has ensured that the installation force of assembly process is within the human ergonomic limit.


The study focuses on the geometrical parameters of snap fit joint of lock plate affecting the installation force of assembly. Lock plate is one of the most important parts of door assembly in dishwasher. The function of the lock plate is to lock the door on its place and not to allow opening once it gets locked. Snap fit feature has been provided on the lock plate which makes the assembly process of lock plate fast, easy and cost-effective. But on actual assembly line, it was observed that installation force required to assemble the lock plate is more than human ergonomic limit, making the assembly process difficult.


Snap fit, Design of Experiments (DoE), Snap in force, Lock plate, Plastics, Polypropylene

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