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Design and Development of Impact Damper for Vehicle Frontal Safety

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Pub. Date : May, 2020
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Author Name : Subir Agrahari, Nitin S Bagal
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Vehicle overspeeding on highways is one of the major problems faced in the current scenario of Indian traffic. The issue of overspeeding not only damages the vehicle but also there is a chance of losing precious life. In real-life scenario, accidents are unavoidable. We can only have countermeasures to prevent them and avoid the fatalities involved. Safety impact guard is one of the real-time countermeasures, which reduces the impact when the vehicle is involved in high-speed impact. The paper proposes a design of a reusable safety impact damper with pressure relief valve. This design discusses the force of energy or impact that is dampened due to the action of the impact damper with the pressure relief valve. The aim of the paper is to reduce the fatalities by designing an impact damper which provides safety against the front and rear end collisions.


Passive safety in vehicle is one of the critical factors that is pursued by vehicle manufacturers world over. Occupant safety is of prime importance and automobile manufacturing has come of age with regulations primarily focussing on safety.


Impact, Pressure relief valve, Damper

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