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Wear and Friction Control of Plasma Nitrided D2 Steel Using Laser Surface Texturing (LST)

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Pub. Date : May, 2020
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Author Name : Nikhil P More, S S Lakade
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The tribological properties of plasma nitrided D2 steel using Laser Surface Texturing (LST) and dry lubrication were determined on pin-on-disc tribometer. Tests were conducted at room temperature with alumina pin (99.99% pure) and D2 steel plate High Carbon High Chromium Steel (HCHCr) with various laser textures such as dimple, asterisk and cross grooves, and graphite as a solid lubricant. The use of LST and graphite showed good tribological properties. Wear and friction reduced up to 90%.


In the metal industry that manufactures dies and molds for cold working operation, AISI D2 steel is used due to its high wear resistance. AISI D2 steel is High Carbon High Chromium Steel (HCHCr) having sufficiently tough core; the high chromium and carbon content governs the good wear and corrosion resistance properties of D2 steel. The drawing operations involve high impact pressures and high friction. Due to this, the industry faces problems such as surface wear out and dimensional inaccuracy. Hence, surface modification is necessary to improve the surface properties such as surface hardness, surface roughness, wear resistance and friction.


Laser Surface Texturing (LST), Graphite (solid lubricant), Pin-on-disc tribometer, Plasma nitriding, Wear, Coefficient of friction

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