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Consumers' Awareness and Inclination Towards Eco-Friendly Cars with Reference to Sustainable Development

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Pub. Date : May, 2022
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Author Name : Chiranjib Mitra and S Roychowdhury
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Subject/Domain : Management
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With global warming and health concerns on the rise, there is a surging demand for eco-friendly vehicles across the world. The holistic transition from conventional vehicles to electric cars is crucial for advancing sustainable development. This study seeks to analyze the factors that influence consumers in their choice of cars, their awareness level, perception towards eco-friendly cars, and also the interrelationship among the factors and the extent of their dependability on each other. It concentrates on understanding the association between several demographic factors and the various attributes of environmentfriendly cars and their acceptability in the market.


Indian automobile industry has been one of the major contributors to the Indian economy and it holds around one sixth of the shares globally among the other industries. This industry has seen its major transformation since the awareness towards the environment has risen among the industries and the masses. When it comes to Indian automobile market, it is very much imperative that most of the market and the segment are pre-dominated by a few factors, like affordability, optimized consumption of fuel, more safety factors, etc. Automakers are much more aware of and considered these factors not only seriously but with utmost sincerity. That is why most of the companies have launched four-wheelers in the most affordable pricing segment. An integrated model with the conglomeration of two different concepts, sustainability and an economic