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An Examination of Form-Focused Instruction: Isolated Versus Integrated and Focus on Forms Versus Focus on Form

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Pub. Date : June, 2020
Product Name : The IUP Journal of English Studies
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Author Name : Amirreza Karami and Freddie A Bowles
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Subject/Domain : Arts & Humanities
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This paper presents a summary of the most recent research-oriented studies with a focus on two of the most important categorizations of Form-Focused Instruction (FFI): isolated versus integrated. The theoretical differences between the two different types of FFI are provided and a brief summary of the most recent studies is reported. The paper finds that isolated versus integrated instruction is a necessary technique and needs to be applied to the teaching process at the appropriate time. In general, the findings indicate that the tendency toward implicit learning of grammar through using communicative forms of the language is improving and the final outcome of this approach shows improvement and progress in the learners' production and language development.


Learning another language is a lengthy process requiring time, effort, discipline, and dedication. Ease of acquisition has always been desirable for language learners who would prefer an easier way to acquire another language. However, second language learners often lose their way in the labyrinth of second language acquisition due to the challenges they encounter such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. Second language acquisition seems to be so cumbersome for some learners that it might deter them from learning the target language. In an effort to alleviate the "process whose aim is to provide opportunities that can assist the acquisition of a second language" (Nassaji 2017, 543), educators and language teachers explore methods to create authentic, relevant, and engaging lessons that lead students to increase their proficiency and gain confidence in using the target language.


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