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Can Employer Branding Hold? Case of Indian IT Industry During Covid-19

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Pub. Date : June, 2021
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Author Name : Anshita Srivastava*, Vibhuti Tripathi** and Rajlaxmi
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Indian IT sector is one of the major contributors to GDP. As any other sector, IT sector was also affected by Covid-19. In this paper, an empirical analysis has been made to study the dimension of employer branding and impact of Covid-19 on obtained dimensions. A questionnaire consisting of 30 questions was prepared and convenience sampling method was used to collect data with the help of Google Form. Sample consists of existing IT employees. Factor analysis and regression were used for data analysis. After data reduction, three factors were extracted and multiple regression was used. Support, belongingness and financial security positively affect the dependent variable-impact of Covid-19 on employer branding. Suggestions based on the findings may help employers in retaining their employees in this time of crisis and enhance their productivity. Employers will be able to differentiate their employer brand from their competitors by effectively managing the existing situation. It helps organizations in retaining existing employees and also in acquiring talent in future.


Pandemic: An outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects exceptionally high proportion of the population.

Currently, the world is combating a pandemic. World Health Organization (WHO) named the deadly disease identified in China as Covid-19 and on January 30, 2020 declared it a 'pandemic' ( 2019). This changed the way we look at life and the way we work, dramatically. Economy and employment of countries have been affected inadequately around the globe. To tackle the pandemic situation, countries across the globe enforced complete lockdown, disrupting normal life.

India, being the second largest populated country in the world, faced the biggest challenge in ensuring safety of its people. Indian government imposed complete lockdown


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