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Pub. Date : Sep 2022
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Author Name : Colin Coulson-Thomas
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This paper explores the role of a corporate board of directors in relation to excellence and innovation, and in confronting shared challenges and existential threats. It suggests issues and questions to consider in relation to board leadership, its exercise, focus and performance. Critical thinking, diversity and digital technologies can be enablers of innovation, which may be desirable if it addresses existential threats, supports required transition and transformation journeys, and delivers positive externalities. Boards are encouraged to reflect on the purpose of innovation and the focus of excellence, their application and their limits. Opportunities to create sustainable communities, cities and societies and less stressful and resource-intensive and simpler, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles are legion. Many boardroom teams have an unprecedented opportunity to initiate, collaborate and make a difference. Whether or not an individual board and company is excellent and/or innovative may be less important for future survival than whether a community or society is, and whether individually and collectively boards have the will and drive to question, think and act in pursuit of responsible, inclusive and sustainable activities, lifestyles and outcomes for humanity and the natural world.

Introduction: Be a Rutherford

A team is a group of people who come or are brought together for a particular purpose or to achieve one or more goals and/or objectives over a period of time. Teams can exist in many forms. In a business context, a team has been defined as "a group of people who are interdependent with respect to information, resources, knowledge and skills and who seek to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal" (Thompson, 2008).