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The Challenge of Leading High-Performing Teams

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Pub. Date : Sep 2022
Product Name : Effective Executive
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Author Name : Cynthia Lariviere and Stephanie Jones
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Creating High-Performing Teams (HPTs) can propel leaders to new career opportunities and set the tone for their future success and promotions. However, the path to achieving this level of success must be grounded in self-reflection, selfawareness, and individual personal development-prior to focusing on the skills and competencies of the team members. Too often, leaders look outward for a solution, when the path to achieving better results arguably starts with an inward view. This paper explores the techniques to develop both an inward and outward path to success in achieving the goal of creating and managing a HPT.

Introduction: Be a Rutherford

What does it take to create a high-performing team, which achieves the organization's goals and where team members are both happy working together, and efficient? High-Performing Teams (HPTs) do not happen as a result of a coincidence or by chance, but are the outcome of the deliberate choreography of different inputs - leadership, management, coaching and collaboration, and not forgetting a genuine interest in the team's success, by the leader and for each other.