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The Evolution of High-Performing Teams

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Pub. Date : Sep 2022
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Author Name : Bob Murray
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Organizations throughout the world are trying to find ways to use their employees more creatively and profitably. Many are structuring themselves around the concept of High-Performing Teams (HPTs). However, fewer than 5% of teams are truly high performing. This paper looks at the concept of HPTs from a scientific and evolutionary perspective and draws practical lessons from that knowledge regarding HPT formation and leadership. The paper shows that given the right context and management, HPTs form naturally because the drive to work in small mutually supportive groups is built into our DNA.

Introduction: Be a Rutherford

"I need you to show me how to make my employees more productive and efficient."

When we ask the leaders of organizations we work with what they want, this is usually the gist of it. To some extent efficiency comes through automation and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but one of the things that researchers are finding is that productivity gains due to technology have largely run their course.