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Advancing Knowledge Documentation and Application for Public Sector Transformation: The Role of Management Support and Teamwork

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2021
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
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Author Name : Mary B Muhenda* and Everest Turyahikayo**
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Subject/Domain : Management
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While management support and teamwork have always been praised as useful factors in the public sector, little is known about how they influence knowledge documentation and application. This study examines the influence of management support and teamwork on knowledge documentation and application. Guided by the post-positivist paradigm, the study is based on the convergent parallel mixed design. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected and analyzed separately, and the discussion of the findings is merged to identify areas of convergence or divergence. Based on the responses from the quantitative sample of 220 with a response rate of 86% and in-depth interviews with 19 informants, the data is analyzed using parametric tests and thematic coding. The findings reveal that management support to some extent influenced knowledge documentation and application, but it is inadequate. Teamwork culture is highly valued as evidenced by the qualitative findings. However, respondents opine that teamwork is affected by team dynamics and silos among employees. To the best knowledge of the authors, this study is one of the few to examine the influence of management support and teamwork on knowledge documentation and application in the public sector in Uganda. Given the critical role that management support and teamwork play in the public sector, in terms of allocation of resources and execution of strategic decisions, more effort is needed to strengthen these practices to nurture and sustain a strong culture of knowledge documentation and application. Future research could focus on the relationship between management support and knowledge dissemination, and the influence of teamwork on knowledge generation practices in the public sector.


Management support and teamwork are perceived as some of the key subcultures in the public sector (Wuchty et al., 2007; Donate and Guadamillas, 2011; Reina et al., 2017; and Indacochea et al., 2018). While it is widely known that knowledge documentation and application practices are critical in enhancing public sector competitiveness (Bento, 2019; and Zamir, 2019), little is known about how management support and teamwork influence the two knowledge management practices. Based on qualitative and quantitative evidence, we explore the influence of management support and teamwork on knowledge documentation