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Experimental Investigation and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites Using Stir Casting Method

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2020
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Author Name : Y Seetharama Rao and Ch Kameswari Chitti
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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The paper prepares Al-SiC and graphite in particulate Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) using stir casting technique. The additional level of graphite varied from 3-6 wt% in steps of 1 wt% and the percentage of SiC is constant. For each composite, reinforcement particles were preheated and dispersed in steps for the molten aluminum alloy to improve weldability and distribution. The microstructure of the hybrid composites was investigated and experimental results showed a nearly uniform distribution of aluminum particles and good dispersion of SiC, and it is within the aluminum metal matrix, although some small clusters were found in the matrix. The mechanical properties like tensile strength and Brinell hardness number were improved significantly compared to that of pure alloy.


Aluminum (Al)-based Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) have been extensively studied as an attractive choice for automotive, aerospace and military applications due to their lightweight, high strength, stiffness and resistance to high temperature. Generally, the micro-ceramic particles are used to improve the yield and ultimate strength of the metal. MMCs, as the name implies, have a metal matrix. Examples of matrices in such composites include aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Typical fibers include carbon and silicon carbide. Metals are mainly reinforced to increase or decrease their properties to suit the needs of design. For example, the elastic stiffness and strength of metals can be increased and large coefficients of thermal expansion and


Stir casting, SiC, Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs)