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Unsteady Analysis of Vortex Generation Phenomenon in Flush Tank Using Ansys

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2020
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Author Name : Sonu Chouhan and Ankur Geete
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The study changes the design of water tank and proposes minimizing the amount of water used without sacrificing the performance. By modification of the design of water tank, the amount of water used inside the tank can be decreased. The realizable k-e double equation model and Volume of Fluid (VOF) method for multiphase flow with free surface are suitable for simulating and analyzing the flushing flow of tank based on 3D unsteady 1st order implicit equation. The performance of flush can be evaluated with the three-dimensional flushing flow simulating method through the distribution of the two-phase flow field, total flow pressure, flow speed at the surface and siphoning bent tube. It is observed that while considering one-way coupling analysis, vortex generation is more near the lower surface of tank and at the pipeline outlet. While considering two-way coupling analysis, even if the air volume fraction is maximum at U-Tube inlet, air and water are almost in equal amount after 0.5 s.


When solid and liquid interact, the measurement of contact angle which indicates degree of wetting can be understood by wettability. In recent years, the studies on super hydrophobic surfaces have increased due to their applications in various processes. The movements of liquid drop through different surfaces have been investigated by researchers for improvement in various fields like cooling of hotspots in electronic circuits, printing-coating techniques, hydrophobic surface designs, valve regulating mechanisms, controlled nuclear and other micro reactions. Bubble dynamics in liquid columns was analyzed by a number of researchers. Chaudhury and Whitesides (1992) experimentally showed the uphill motion of water droplet by producing hydrophobic and hydrophilic gradients over a small distance apart from the surface of a polished silicon wafer by exposing it to the diffusing front of a vapor


Volume of Fluid (VOF) method, Implicit equation, Flow speed, Two-phase flow, Phase separation, Vortex