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A State-of-the-Art Real-Time Face Detection, Tracing and Recognition System

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2018
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Author Name : Keshav Sharma and Pawan Kumar Dahiya
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Subject/Domain : Telecommunications
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Human face finding and tracing is a technique to define whether a human face is existing or not in a framing image. Different from human face recognition which discriminates dissimilar faces, face discovery simply designates whether a human face is contemporary in a framing image or not. Face following determines the particular position or movement of human faces. The paper describes some famous and important algorithms and techniques which are used for face detection, tracing and recognition. Human face detection and recognition is the most important space of biometrics system (Muhammet and Resul, 2013). Biometric techniques are frequently used for substantiation process to isolate fingerprint, eye iris, retina, etc. The paper evaluates numerous procedures and methods for the fruitful detection, tracking and recognition of human face.


Face finding/tracking/recognition has been a vigorous study area for a long time because it is a vital step in different applications such as video observation, image enrichment, video tape encoding and energy transformation. Automatic RTFR is a very composite problem in image processing and many schemes and procedures have been planned like Viola Jones, CNN (Cascade Neural Networks), Eigenface, etc. (Suad and Asaf, 2016). For human beings, detection and recognition is not a difficult task, because they know how a human face looks. But for device work, on the other hand, it is a challenging assignment. Face recognition system is one of the most important subjects in biometric system, which is widely used for security purpose in many countries (Swapnil and Sandipan, 2013). In case of face detection, we need more practice and should have some reliable and suitable algorithms.


Face detection, Face tracking, CNN (Cascade Neural Network)-based face recognition, Viola Jones, Eigenface

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