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Interference Issues and Management Techniques in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks: A Review

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2018
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Telecommunications
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Author Name : O Oguejiofor, A Abe, A N Aniedu and G N Okechukwu
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Subject/Domain : Telecommunications
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As we evolve towards 5G networks, achieving spectral efficiency and energy efficiency and dealing with interference are among the greatest challenges encountered so far. The paper looks at interference issues and its causes in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks (HetNets) and how they have been combated using different management techniques. It is found that most of these interference management techniques, when applied to HetNets, do improve the performance of HetNets, but could not mitigate dominant interference scenarios in HetNets when frequency reuse-one deployment is employed. Solutions are proffered to these dominant interference scenarios in HetNet.


Interference in Heterogeneous Cellular Network (HetNet), (Figure 1) is seen as a major obstacle preventing HetNet from taking its place among emerging technologies that will herald 5G networks. Many excellent works have proposed different interference management schemes or techniques on how interference in HetNet can be managed or mitigated. However, most of these works are utilizing the same interference management scheme applicable to multicell single-tier networks for interference management in HetNet. It is important to state that this approach can improve performance to some extent but cannot mitigate dominant interference scenarios in HetNet.


Beamforming, Multiple antenna, Heterogeneous Cellular Networks (HetNets),Interference, Spectral efficiency

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