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The Search for Relevance in Knowledge Management: An Ontological Perspective

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2019
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Author Name : Kandukuri Veena, Nasina Jigeesh and M S Bhat
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People knowledge, along with knowledge acquired from past and ongoing projects, provides valuable support to successful handling of the current projects. IT projects are exceptional cases of evidence. Since IT companies have high attrition rate, knowledge of the existing project people should be properly managed. Different IT companies may have different practices in managing the knowledge of projects and project people. In order to study such knowledge management practices in detail, a case study was taken up in a big Indian IT company. A unique mechanism was found to be in existence to identify and fill the knowledge gaps for successful management of projects. A learning center can play a vital role in enhancing, sharing and extracting knowledge of project people. The case study offers some important suggestions drawn from the people interviewed.


Knowledge is considered a significant asset for organizations, and organizations can become more knowledge-intensive by hiring minds rather than hands to maintain competitive advantage (Omerzel and Antoncic, 2008). Knowledge Management (KM) transforms the individual knowledge into collective and widely shared knowledge that can be used throughout the organization. In the KM environment of knowledge management, organizations obtain information, knowledge, and experience and optimize their use by making them available to every individual employee. The projectbased companies universally accept knowledge as one of the key competitive assets of the company. There, the job deals with the required skills and knowledge and their management with the help of self-learning, training and project-related documentations.


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