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A Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Multipliers

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2019
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Author Name : Monu Kumari and Sunita Malik
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Subject/Domain : Science & Technology
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The paper presents an analytical comparison of different types of multipliers like booth, array and wallace tree multipliers based on different performance metrics such as power, area and speed by reducing the partial products. Partial products are mainly responsible for complexity and area, so the paper focuses on reducing the partial product stage. It is found that wallace tree multiplier is best among all the above multipliers. As the multiplier size increases, the complexity also increases in wallace tree, so booth multiplier is best for large size.


In today’s era, a high speed system requires a multiplier to perform complex binary multiplication. Thus multiplier becomes a significant component in high speed devices. It is seen from literature, that most of the instructions and almost all of the DSP algorithms are executed by multipliers. High speed multiplication is the primary requirement of high performance system. In many algorithms, multiplication is used as one of the essential operations. Addition and multiplication of two binary numbers are mostly used in arithmetic operation in high performance devices (Honglan et al., 2015). Today, multipliers have a very effective role in digital signal processing systems and a wide range of applications (Soniya and Suresh, 2013). Statistics indicate that 3/4th of commands in microprocessor are based on addition and multiplication (Soniya and Suresh, 2013). Addition requires more time than multiplication at large scale, so we require a high speed multiplier. High speed processing demand has been increasing exponentially with time.


Booth multiplier, Wallace tree multiplier, Propagation delay, Partial product, Power consumption

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