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Designs for Gray to Binary Code Converter Using Reversible Logic

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2019
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In recent years, reversible logic has gained importance in several emerging fields such as nanotechnology, quantum computing, optical computing and cryptography. The paper proposes a design for gray to binary code converter using reversible logic. The proposed design shows better performance in parameters such as gate count, constant inputs, quantum cost and garbage outputs, than the existing designs.


A logic circuit that is capable of converting the digital information in one form to another form is known as code converter. The code converters are essential in some digital systems such as microprocessors, micro controllers and DSP in order to perform a few operations.

Landauer (1961) showed that every erased bit (loss of each bit of information) dissipates KTln2 joules of heat energy, where k = Boltzmann’s constant and T = Temperature. Bennett (1973) proved that KTln2 energy loss would not occur in circuit if reversible logic is used to build it.


Reversible logic, Gray to binary code converter

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