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Novel Multi-Slotted Stripline Fed Patch Antenna with Wideband Characteristics for Wireless Applications

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2019
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Author Name : P A Ambresh, A A Sujata, P M Hadalgi and P V Hunagunds
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Subject/Domain : Science & Technology
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A new type of Multi-Slotted Patch Antenna with Stripline Fed (MSPASF) is designed and analyzed using IE3D electromagnetic simulation software. Dual wide band characteristics with better Return Loss (RL) up to –20 dB are obtained having gain of 6.1 dBi. The impedance bandwidth of MSPASF is enhanced from 2% (for conventional antenna) to 28.3% by novel slots on the patch plane. Designed antenna finds its applications in wireless frequency band such as fixed satellite services, satellite-based applications, radar, etc. The design procedure and results such as RL, radiation pattern, gain, directivity and current distribution are presented and discussed.


Microstrip patch antennas are very popular due to their low profile, mechanical robustness, relative compactness and lightness and possibility of dual frequency operation. They are easy and inexpensive to manufacture and can be conformable in planar and non-planar planes. Unfortunately, they have some limitations, specially narrow bandwidth (Ramadan et al., 2009). But presently, wider bandwidth is required for the increasing demand of modern wireless communication systems. Antenna can perform its function at a single frequency, so different antennas will be required for various and different applications which may have minimum space problem. Hence, multifrequency band antenna, which can be operated at multiple frequencies used for different applications, finds solution to this problem over a single band antenna.


Microstrip, Microwave, Radars, Satellite, Return loss

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