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Performance Analysis of 4 * 2 and 4 * 3 MIMO Systems Using MATLAB

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2019
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Author Name : Ritu and Kusum Dalal
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Nowadays, wireless communication is the preferred mode to transmit information and hence it is required that the data is transmitted with minimum number of errors. For transmission of large amount of data at once, a technique named MIMO is used, but in this technique also, the data needs to be encoded in such a way that the probability of error at the receiver side is reduced. The paper focuses on MIMO technique and considers two systems, 4 * 2 and 4 * 3, for transmission and reception of the data. For encoding the data, Space Time Block Codes (STBC) scheme is used and a comparison is done to find out the better system for data transmission with minimum amount of error.


As a rule, the wireless channel tolerates constriction because of dangerous expansion of multipath in the transmission media and impedance from different clients. The channel estimation is on a very basic level, normally Rayleigh, which makes it troublesome for the beneficiary to dependably decide the transmitted flag unless some less weakened copy of the flag is given to the recipient. This scheme is called diversity, which can be done utilizing polarization and spatial assets (Vahid et al., 1999). The achievability of executing MIMO scheme and the related signals preparing calculations are allowed by comparing the increment of computational energy of incorporated circuits, which is all around acknowledged to create with time in an exponential structure (Alok et al., 2016).


MIMO, Space Time Block Codes (STBC)

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