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A Study on the Influence of Academic Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulated Learning on Career Goal Clarity Among Postgraduate Women Students in Bengaluru

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2019
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Author Name : Bharati Rao, S Anil Kumar and Mihir Dash
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper examines how academic self-efficacy influences self-regulated learning and also conversely about how self-regulated learning influences academic self-efficacy among postgraduate women students in Bengaluru, India. It is a step in the direction of employment preparedness as an empowering learning process, as both self-regulated learning and academic self-efficacy influence career goal clarity, which in turn affects employability. The findings of the study reveal that self-efficacy and self-regulated learning are mutually influential.


Self-regulated learning refers to those active and volitional behaviors on the part of individuals to achieve in their learning. Thus, self-regulated learning is both a function of ‘skill’ and ‘will’ on the part of individuals, according to Woolfolk et al. (2000). Self-regulated learning appears to center on the ‘self’ as an agent who acts upon his/ her environment.

Self-efficacy serves as a core cause of human actions. It makes individuals believe in their own ability to execute a given task (Bandura, 1989; and Bandura, 2008). According to Bandura (1989), the most important source of human motivation function is cognitive engagement. By cognitive engagement, perceived self-efficacy is influenced by and influences goal setting and self-regulated learning. Students with high sense of self-efficacy study harder and persist longer in the face of difficulties, whereas students with low self-efficacy do not regulate their learning behavior (Schunk and Ertmer, 2000). Skilled self-regulated learners exhibit a high sense of efficacy in their capabilities.


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