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Developing Communication Competence in Students Through Face-to-Face Conversation

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2019
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Author Name : Sushila Shekhawat and Virendra Singh Nirban
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The present paper discusses the strategies to develop the communication competence of the students through face-to-face conversation. It has taken up the case of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, one of the premier institutes in India, and has limited itself to the course on Business Communication offered to the students of engineering and sciences as an elective. It discusses an approach to teaching a significant communication component of face-to-face conversation and the skills acquired by the students during such situations.


Students in the present competitive world need to be proficient in their basic communication skills to excel academically as well as professionally. Over the years, a trend has been observed among the students to embrace colloquialism and casual use of language in their daily conversation which considerably affects their overall personality. Nonetheless, the students are embracing unstructured and informal mode of interactions completely unaware of the intricacies required for successful and effective conversation. To overcome this communication issue, and boost the resultant learning and develop communication competence in students, face-to-face conversation seems to be the best option. Absolute involvement in any conversation situation demands perfect synchronization between listening and speaking—the more spontaneous the speaker is in any conversation situation, the more alert the listener needs to be.

Achievement of impeccable conversational abilities requires complete knowledge of various parameters both on the part of the listener and the speaker. Engineering education widely recognizes an increasing need to impart the students effective conversational skills early in their university education to make them adept in their academics as well as their professional careers. The present paper attempts to measure the development of communication competence in a student as a speaker as well as a listener through face-to-face conversation.


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