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Is Your Boss’ Behavior Bizarre? Voice of Subordinates

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2019
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People leave managers and not companies. A bad supervisor or boss can turn a potential dream job of an employee into a nightmare. Several studies have ascertained that the number one reason why people quit their jobs, and reason for their unhappiness at work is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. The purpose of the present study is to analyze and rank the disliked traits of bosses by Indian employees and understand the role of gender and educational background in the perception of employees’ dislike of the aforesaid traits. The sample consisted of a total of 104 management graduates from various management institutes in India. The findings suggest that deceitful behavior is the most disliked behavior by the subordinates, followed by shouting before others and degrading subordinates, respectively, while refusal to delegate is the least disliked by subordinates. The results of the study also showed that there is no significant difference between the perceptions of men and women subordinates as well as based on their educational background regarding the disliked traits of bosses.


The effectiveness of any organization depends on the people working in it. The human capital contributes to the all-round development of the organization while it itself is capable of appreciation as well as depreciation. To the latter case, several causes may be attributed, out of which poor relations with the leaders and bosses can be a prime reason. While some may prefer to leave affecting the attrition rate or voice their dissent, others may just react passively by decreasing their productivity or indulging in absenteeism. Whatever be the reactions of such employees, it is definitely damaging for the organization. Thus, the reasons that upset employees with regard to their relation with the bosses and their leaders in organizations need to be thoroughly investigated and worked upon.


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