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The Influence of Social, Cultural and Educational Factors on Entrepreneurial Intent and Personality Traits

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Pub. Date : Jun, 2019
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Author Name :Irum Alvi and Anamika Sharma
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Subject/Domain : Management Studies
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The present study scrutinizes the social, cultural and educational factors which influence the Entrepreneurial Intent (EI) and personality traits of engineering students. It evaluates the correlation between the social, cultural and educational factors and the personality traits of the students, which stimulate or impede their EI. To measure the association between the factors selected, data is collected via questionnaire from 250 engineering students studying in a technical university in Kota, Rajasthan. The data collected is analyzed using factor analysis, KMO and Bartlett’s test, descriptive statistics, and Pearson’s correlation. This paper provides a deeper insight into the role of the selected factors in the formation of the students’ EI and has important implications for policymakers, technical educators and universities and the government in developing and planning for entrepreneurship activities, program and education for enhancing the entrepreneurial intention among engineering students.


Many researchers believe entrepreneurship results in economic growth; it helps in creating new jobs and in bringing affluence to the nations universally (Wennekers and Thurik, 1999; Audretsch and Keilbach, 2004; and Van Stel et al., 2005). Previous studies on entrepreneurship have primarily focused on the influence of personal traits on Entrepreneurial Intent (EI) (Brockhaus, 1980; Johnson, 1990; and Bonnett and Furnham, 1991), which is regarded as the willingness on the part of an individual to get involved in entrepreneurial actions, to become one’s own boss, or to start up a new enterprise.


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