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Information Governance for the Implementation of Cloud Computing: A Review

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Pub. Date : Sept, 2019
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Author Name : Sourav Mukherjee
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Information governance has become gradually an important area due to the explosion of data in numerous formats at diverse levels of any organization. An information governance platform may have the capability to improve the data quality and may also support in leveraging strategic decision making. There is a growing trend to move the data from on-premise software to the new on-demand cloud-based solutions to support the growing needs of the business computing services, which has the potential to lower the costs and mitigating the risks. Cloud computing is considered as a utility that is massively scalable and can be readily modified, the way we may control the temperature in the furnace using the thermostat, which has the potential to save energy. Information governance for the implementation of cloud computing organizations is migrating applications and storage to the cloud at a faster rate. Cloud computing lets the users access and use shared data and computing services and resources via the Internet or a VPN link which is encrypted for the security purpose. Therefore, Information Technology (IT) governance is a necessary method which needs to be applied to cloud computing information security to manage the risks associated with cloud computing information security. This study develops the required knowledge by outspreading IT governance to cloud computing and information security governance. This paper offers a study on applying IT governance policies and processes for the application of a tenable cloud computing platform.


Information Technology (IT) governance is explained as a set of procedures intended to inspire actions that are reliable with the mission, strategy and principles of the organization, the methods address several matters related to IT such as decision processes, rules, the assignment of responsibilities and contribution rights for the stakeholder. Cloud deployments give users some sovereignty and freedom from their IT department, and IT departments are inspired to have immediate resources at their removal and eliminating few of the errands for infrastructure to focus on business applications. IT governance must be effective. To offer such effectiveness in the IT governance process, there must be a dependence on a couple of key mechanisms such as:


Cloud, Information governance, Tenancy, Security, Scalability, Thin client

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