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Self-Translation as an Effective Tool to Restructure the Domain of Translation Studies

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2019
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As an area of academic enquiry, self-translation is still in its nascent stage, and the domain of translation studies has so far failed to address some of the concerns raised by this field. The fundamental pillars of translation studies like faithfulness and equivalence, and binaries like author/translator and source text/target text find almost no space in the domain of self-translation. Due to the complex nature of the act, it transcends the existing classifications in translation studies, and if recognized as its branch, it has the potential to expand the scope of translation studies. However, in order to accept self-translation as a recognized branch of translation studies, the domain of translation studies will have to let go of its rigid foundations and embrace a more dynamic and fluid structure. This paper attempts to recognize the act of self-translation as a potential tool to restructure the domain of translation studies and analyze its possibilities.


Translation has been predominantly understood as a process of decoding a source text and encoding it in a target text. This encoding could be in the same language, another language, or another medium in the same language, or another medium in another language. In linguistics, all these transformations are treated as translations. Jakobson’s (1959) essay, “On Linguistic Aspects of Translation,” has been considered as one of the seminal works in the field of translation studies that succeeded in classifying the types of translation.


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