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Teaching the Fundamentals of English Sounds to Adult Learners in India

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2019
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English speakers from native English-speaking countries have a very attractive way of delivering their speech and have a good grip on the language. The reason is, the pronunciation they use has the right kind of effect on the listeners, especially for nonnative English-speaking countries. While in native English-speaking countries, the English LSRW skills come naturally to the speakers, the nonnative English speakers have to make efforts to learn and master those skills. Of all, listening and speaking are the first set of skills a child learns. In India, English is a second language, hence learning the right way to speak it requires massive efforts and practice. While learning the English language, one must understand that English as a language has different variations across the world and also there is a vast difference between speaking and writing English. This paper focuses on teaching the English sounds to adult learners in India.


English is the most widely used language worldwide. In the Indian context, teaching and learning English as a subject starts right from the kindergarten stage. Our ability to learn any language is dependent on our listening skill. At the school level in India, the focus is more on speaking, reading, and writing English, thus neglecting one of the most essential skills, i.e., listening. This is one of the major drawbacks in Indian English teaching. One may blame the Indian educational system for this: the basic English sounds taught through phonetics are thoroughly disregarded or overlooked during school; it is taught to college students depending on the syllabus. Hence, Indian students generally lack the background knowledge of English phonetics.


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