Supply Chain Management
Application of Random Search for Stochastic Optimization of Plastic Waste Collection Network: The Case of Belagavi City, India

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Pub. Date : Marc, 2020
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The expanded scope of supply chain has found wide applications, one of the prominent being the area of waste management. Many municipalities are adopting modern supply chain practices to manage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), as it has become a major problem for developing countries. There are many established models for supply chain networks, but they cannot be mirrored for reverse logistics networks, as in the case of waste management. The randomness at the point of collection poses a major challenge. Inclusion of stochastic component to the existing model helps in overcoming this problem. The model is revised and applied to waste management network of Belagavi city, Karnataka, India.


Anything of value which is discarded after use becomes waste. Similarly, byproducts if not used for any processes, become waste. The management of waste has become prominent nowadays due to various costs associated with it (Mohsenizadeh et al., 2020). The environmental cost includes the problems and inconvenience caused to the planet as a whole, which if not taken care may eliminate the life from the planet earth (Diaz et al., 2006). The marginalized people are the ones who bear the brunt of mismanagement of waste. Most of the waste dump yards are around the places where the marginalized live. They face many health-related problems, giving rise to social costs (Wolsink, 1994; and Mohammadi et al., 2019). The rising disparity between the haves and have nots and increasing economic costs for the municipalities call for the establishment of better waste collection systems (The Economist, 2018). The situation in India is not much different. The high growth rate of the country has increased migration to cities. Urbanization has increased the burden on municipalities. The proper definition and measurement of waste is the first step towards waste management.

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