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Surface Integrity of EN8 Steel Machined on Electrical Discharge Machine Using Fuzzy Approach: An Investigation

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2020
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Author Name : Chandan Waghmare, M S Sohani and Shailesh Shirguppikar
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) is one of the non-traditional machining processes used to produce a critical shape on hard or brittle conductive material and it can also be successfully applied on material that is extremely difficult for traditional machining processes. The experimental investigation of EDM processes and parameters is of utmost importance in order to improve the surface integrity and quality characteristics. The paper investigates the influence of different process variables on various aspects of surface integrity such as Surface Roughness (SR), Surface Crack Density (SCD) and White Layer Thickness (WLT). The effect of input parameters such as discharge current, discharge voltage and pulse-on-time on SCD, WLT and SR is studied.


The world is advancing technically in the field of space research, missile and nuclear industries. These industries demand very complicated and precise components having some special requirements. The challenges are taken up by the new developments taking place in manufacturing. Nowadays, many new materials, nontraditional machining and forming methods have been evolved to process difficult-to-machine materials, which are being put to commercial use with time. The nontraditional methods of machining have several advantages over traditional methods of machining. Nontraditional methods are not limited by hardness, toughness and brittleness of materials and can produce any intricate shape on any workpiece material by suitable control over various process parameters (Ademcicek et al., 2012).


Surface integrity, Surface Crack Density (SCD), White Layer Thickness (WLT)